AlManarah is the Association for Persons with Disabilities, and it is the first rights-based disability advocacy organization in the Arab society in Israel. It was launched in 2005 by a group of grassroots activists led by Adv. Abbass Abbass, who is himself a person with a visual disability. The association's name in Arabic means “The Lighthouse”, reflecting AlManarah’s ambition to serve as a lighthouse of information and resources about disability rights and to lead the way forward for civil society organizations and for the general public in Israel, the Arab world, and worldwide.

Approximately 425,000 Arab persons with disabilities live in Israel, comprising nearly 25% of the total Arab population. These individuals suffer severe social exclusion and lack of access to essential resources. AlManarah seeks to transform widespread negative attitudes by empowering persons with disabilities to become their own best advocates. Each year, thousands of disabled and non-disabled persons from Arab communities benefit from AlManarah’s social activities, training courses, and legal advocacy. For the last ten years, AlManarah has worked to advance the legal and social status of Arab persons with disabilities in Israel, and it will continue to do so until full equality has been achieved.