Dr. Afo Khaleleh: high school principal, Yafia.

Adv. Aiman Khatib: board member, former lawyer for the AlManarah Legal Department, Yafia.

Ms. Amira Bawardy: retired Arabic teacher, Nazareth.

Mr. Bishara Marjeah: social worker for rehabilitation of persons with psychological disabilities, Nazareth.

Mr. Esam Khatib: retired principal, Yafia.

Ms. Faten Ghrayeb: special education teacher, Nazareth.

Ms. Lina Zoabi: painter and accountant, chairwoman of the AlManarah Board, Nazareth.

Ms. Linda Zaher: veteran volunteer, studied media and marketing, Nazareth.

Mr. Majd Manadre: veteran volunteer and accountant, Nazareth.

Mr. Nabil Totry: Marketing director at Bank Hapoalim, Nazareth.

Ms. Nasreen Jabareen: social worker and counselor at the Mar Yousef school, Nazareth.

Ms. Raghida Daher: elementary school principal, Yafia.

Ms. Razan Bisharat: veteran volunteer and feminist activist, studied anthropology and sociology, Nazareth.

Ms. Reemy Sarhan: administrative director at the Yafia Local Council, Yafia.

Ms. Roba Warwar: prominent media personality and talk-show host, Nazareth.

Dr. Sami Debeeny: clinical psychologist, Nazareth.

Mr. Suhail Essawi: insurance agent, Nazareth.

Ms. Taghreed Abbass: social worker, Nazareth