About AlManarah

AlManarah, The Association for the Advancement of Persons with Disabilities in Arab Society, was established in 2005 with the aim of empowering people with disabilities in Arab society. We aim to enable them to exercise their natural, social and legal rights and to help them integrate into society socially and without exclusion, stigma, or prejudice. […]

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Children Activities

Here at AlManarah, we believe that intervention and empowerment for people with disabilities have the most impact when done at a young age. To this extent, Almanarah is partnering with schools where there is a large concentration of people with disabilities and empowering them to develop tailored classes for children with disabilities. The purpose of

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Psychometric Courses

AlManarah intermediates preparation courses for the psychometric exam, aiming to assist participants in receiving the appropriate grades to enable their integration into collegiate studies in the academic tracks of their choice. Our psychometric courses are adapted as follows: Finding Candidates: Within this stage, the relevant candidates will be identified for participating in psychometric courses.  Assessment

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Learning Languages Courses

AlManarah intermediates various courses to improve Hebrew and English capabilities in writing, reading and speaking. These skills enable participants to integrate more easily into academia and employment. The following is how the courses will conducted for both Hebrew and English: Finding Candidates: During this stage, the relevant candidates will be identified, who will attend Hebrew

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Computer Courses

Since 2010, AlManarah has operated an accessible computer center with custom computer stands, state-of-the-art Braille printers, electronic magnification devices, electronic braille keyboards, and myriad other specialized tools and programs focused on accessibility. In this center, AlManarah holds courses for the blind from different age groups. AlManarah has prepared lesson plans in three levels of courses:

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Life Skills Courses

Our life skills courses are designed to empower participants, familiarize participants with their personal identity, strengths and weaknesses, and discover ways to deal with the various challenges they encounter. Our aim is to help them better understand themselves and their abilities, and aid in their choosing of an appropriate academic profession, with the ability to

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Students Mentoring

At AlManarah, we believe that it is possible for people with disabilities to succeed at the highest levels of academic study. In order to assist individuals studying at college or universities, students with disabilities attending higher education institutions can receive mentoring or support via one of our program coordinators. This is meant to be a

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AlManarah’s Musical Band

Our musical band project focuses on developing the skills of people with disabilities in Arab society in the field of music. As part of our project, musical performances are held by people with disabilities who have received training tailored by AlManarah instructors. Our participants play a wide variety of instruments, including more, violin, keyboards, flute,

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AlManarah’s Theatre

This project focuses on developing the skills of people with disabilities in Arab society in the field of social theater. As part of the project, social theater workshops are held for people with disabilities, which lead into a variety of theater performances. AlManarah believes that one of the tools for raising awareness of people with

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Tandem Biking Groups

The AlManarah Covision Group for Tandem Bikes is an active member of a sports association that brings together all the tandem teams for the blind and participates in joint cycling activities such as Blind Day, the Israeli Tandem Championship and the Eilat Sportiada. As part of the group, people with blindness, age 14-70, get the

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