Creative Writing Courses

Many people with disabilities in Arab society suffer from social exclusion and lack of self-confidence, which affects all aspects of life. Therefore, there was a need to raise both social awareness about people with disabilities and aid in their coping with these challenges. Furthermore, we desire to empower them to develop their personal and social […]

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Diversity As Leverage

Each year, AlManarah conducts over 200 nationally-distributed workshops ranging Nazareth and the Northern District to the Triangle and the Negev region in the south. Supported By: With commitment and belief in the importance of social discourse around diversity and acceptance of the other, and with the belief that our diversity creates the uniqueness of each of

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Dialogue & Accessibility

Previous Next Since our project began in 2017, AlManarah has partnered with 20 youth organizations and delivered activities to 25 youth groups, totaling more than 400 students. At AlManarah, we believe that we are all human beings but each individual is unique and brings their own talents and experiences to the table. Understanding that variance

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Through the Microphone

Previous Next Since the project began in 2018, Almanarah has partnered with 20 youth units, moving activities to 25 groups that included more than 400 youth. In 2018, AlManarah launched three state-of-the-art and professional studios, one of which serves as a radio studio for producing podcasts. Since it is our belief that we live in

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Bicycle for Two

Almanarah believes that joint sporting activity is a way of understanding the other, of accepting them, of living together, and of increasing social affiliation. As part of the Bicycle for Two project, AlManarah trains teenagers to ride a tandem bike and volunteer for cycling groups that include people with disabilities. It should be noted that

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ArabCast library

Play   More than 6,500 books (2024), more than 30 categories, more than 10,000,000 listeners. The ArabCast library is a social initiative providing visually impaired Arab speakers of all ages, all over the world, access to literature, information, and education. The library was established in 2010 as the life dream of the founder and director

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Our Studios

Previous Next After the idea of establishing the AlManarah Library came to fruition, the execution phase necessitated the establishment of a small recording studio within the AlManarah Center. The small studio we launched in early 2010 underwent a number of incarnations and upgrades that transformed it into professional studio in which we recorded hundreds of

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Play  More than 350 podcasts,  More than 15 programs,  More than 100,000 listeners “AlManarah Podcast” is a radio project based in Nazareth. Set up in October 2018 it promotes the social and professional empowerment of people with and without disabilities in Arab society by making their voices heard. Constructed as high quality radio and television

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Listening & Reading in School

In light of the significant retreat in reading stories among students in elementary schools in Arab society, the “Reading & Listening” program came to address this challenge by offering a pool of dozens of Arabic-language recorded stories of educational value so that teachers could help encourage reading habits among students. Access to stories is made

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Founder & CEO

AlManarah Association is a social initiative inspired by its founder, Adv. Abbas Abbas, a disabled person who had found great success and led AlManarah to many achievements both locally and internationally. Envelope Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin Adv. Abbass Abbass is the founder and director of Al-Manarah (Lighthouse) Association, established in 2005 to improve the lives

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